Our Mission
KINEO Ministry Training Center will move students forward in their relationship with God, in their knowledge of the Word, and in their preparation to minister to others. Students will be made ready to give an answer, a reason, for their hope in Jesus Christ (I Peter 3:15) and become more capable and confident in bringing others into this same hope (II Corinthians 5:20).

Karen Smith and Hannah Smith

Karen Smith and Hannah Smith are a mother in law / daughter in law duo who both have a passion for sharing the Gospel. They believe that the most important thing you can give a person is knowledge – in understanding the Bible, who Jesus truly is, and what that means for us. Karen has been a Bible teacher for over 30 years and has discipled well over 10,000 students. Hannah was an elementary school teacher for many years before stepping into ministry. They believe that their combined experience in these fields will be dynamic in presenting children with the Gospel.

About Our Workbooks

Life and Ministry of Jesus
Life and Ministry of Jesus is a 6 week study that will help students understand Jesus as a Jewish rabbi and a teacher in ancient, Jewish settings. This study will help children understand what Jesus was doing during His time on the earth and the power of His teaching and miracles. Children will also enjoy a special teaching about Jesus being baptized with an explanation regarding the empowering of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus!
Passion Week
Passion Week is an 8 week study that will help a child have a better understanding of what Jesus went through during the week of His death and on the Cross. We will teach the religious customs at that time, the events that took place, and how Jesus fulfilled prophecy through the Cross. By understanding the passion week and how Jesus suffered, a child will develop a greater appreciation for His sacrifice for us.
Blood Covenant
Blood Covenant is a 10 week study that will help a child understand the depth of the work of the Cross, their salvation, and their relationship with the Lord. Our desire is that students fully understand the commitment that Jesus has made to His children through the Cross. We will teach the meaning and importance of covenants, covenant exchanges, learning to pray according to the covenant, and developing an appreciation for the communion meal. Students will never look at Jesus’ sacrifice the same after completing this study.
Communion with God
Communion with God is a 6 week study that will teach students that one's prayer life should be a dialogue and not a monologue. This study will help a child develop a prayer life through journaling, audible prayer, and learning how to hear the still, small voice of God. Communion with God will help a child understand that God speaks through things like: a voice in our head, dreams, visions, and other people. This study will change the way a child speaks to God, and will give them confidence to be able to hear God consistently and accurately in their daily life.
How to Study the Bible
How to Study the Bible is a 6 week study that will help a child understand the difference between reading and studying the Bible. We will teach simple study practices, including: understanding the original language of the Bible, general use of the Strong’s Concordance, and introductions to and suggestions of other biblical tools to help during study. How to Study the Bible will give a child tools and skills they will be able to use during their Bible study for years to come.

Parents, KINEO is available for you, too! You can visit our website at www.kineomtc.com and register for our On Demand program. The first year of study is similar to KINEO Kids Year 1. If you would like to be a part of a live campus, check our website for a campus near you.