KINEO Kids Bible Curriculum

Embark on a journey of discovery: about the Bible, history during
Jesus’ time, and all about Jesus Himself.

Dive into the Word of God

KINEO Kids is not your typical Bible study for children. We will dive into the Word of God and discover the wonder and joy of Jesus as we see Him on every page! We will study things like ancient culture, the meaning of words, western life-styles, people groups, cities and countries of the Middle East, events in the Old Testament, the Kingdom of God in the New Testament and so much more.

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  • Grades 3rd and up

    Birthed out of KINEO Ministry Training Center, KINEO Kids is a Bible curriculum that can be used for homeschool lessons, personal devotion, or children’s ministries. It is designed for students 3rd grade and up.

  • At your own pace

    In total, KINEO Kids Year 1 is a 36 week program, created to be in alignment with a traditional school year. However, it is at your own pace study! Students can start and finish at any time.

  • Filled with fun activities, videos, and more!

    Each lesson includes reading, writing, an activity, and a video teaching by Dr. Karen Smith.

Our Curriculum Series

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Reviews by Our Readers

KINEO Kids is transformational. This unique presentation will change the spiritual trajectory of your children forever. I have seen it with my own eyes! I could not be more proud and excited about the content inside of this curriculum. It will prepare your children for life outside of the church; their spiritual foundation will be ingrained, solidified, and strengthened in their hearts. Be prepared to watch your child fall in love with the scriptures and their Rabbi Jesus.
Christ Fellowship Church, North Georgia Revival

Parents, KINEO is available for you, too! You can visit our website at www.kineomtc.com and register for our On Demand program. The first year of study is similar to KINEO Kids Year 1. If you would like to be a part of a live campus, check our website for a campus near you.